About bluedog

Who are bluedog?

Bluedog Security Monitoring is a new cyber-security vendor providing internal network monitoring and Security Operations Centre (SOC) services to IT services resellers and SMEs. Set-up in early 2018, bluedog makes network security solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.

bluedog’s CTO Tim Thurlings says: “There is a variety of products for the enterprise market but they are expensive and typically only affordable for large corporates. We want to disrupt the market and give everyone the protection they deserve. Resellers will be able to fold this into their offering and differentiate themselves in the market.”

What do we do?

We provide a piece of hardware called Sentinel, which plugs directly into a network on premise via a VPN connection. The network data is then monitored via a cloud dashboard, which provides the user with in-depth information on malicious files and code that may be present on the network.

Why internal network monitoring?

Even small companies are beginning to notice the importance of protecting their valuable information, customers, reputation and brand by preventing security breaches. It’s the threats that originate from inside that are much more difficult to prevent and detect.

Where our external devices and network were protected with software, we wanted to provide a low-cost solution to protect our internal network in order to complete our security. This is where Sentinel was born, out of a need to completely protect our own network.

What makes us different?

There are no simple low-cost solutions for small to medium businesses that allow them to monitor their network in this depth. Typical SOC (Security Operations Centre) services are only accessible by large corporations with large security budgets. We aim to provide the small business with the same quality of solution and service for a fraction of the cost.

Our objective?

To partner with and support IT resellers that support the small to medium business. IT resellers will typically have an offering that contains systems, service and support across hardware and telephony installation, combined with broadband, systems support and perhaps some kind of endpoint security, all for a fixed monthly fee. We want to help those resellers (MSP’s/MSSP’s) to enhance their own offering and differentiate themselves from the competition.

We are looking to partner with like-minded IT services companies that understand how important it is for small businesses to be just as protected as the large ones.


Just that. You plug in one of our sentinel boxes, start your monthly dashboard monitoring subscription and away you go. The dashboard will tell us very quickly whether one of your customers has malicious files such as a trojan virus sat on their network.

What does the monthly subscription provide?

The monthly subscription provides a 24/7 dashboard view of each of your customers’ network traffic, within the one console. bluedog will provide regular reports (weekly/monthly/daily), which we will review and send, as well as to provide alerts to suspicious activity on the network in question. Should there be an issue raised, once authorised, bluedog can also handle and remove that threat via the Sentinel box VPN connection.

Why partner with bluedog?

As well as using the solution on our own network, we are looking to provide partners not just financial incentives, but also marketing services and support, so the ability to either download marketing resources and toolkits, but also to tap int our channel marketing expertise, for the larger partner.

We also provide a partner portal, which provide access to further tools such as deal reg, shipping and more.

Our CTO Tim has worked in brand protection and cyber-security for years, on both the support and sales side, with further experience in the las t few years with B2B Channel Marketing. At bluedog, we understand first-hand how hard it is in B2B and will go the extra mile to help our partners.