Office 365 service helps firms manage risks of home working


The sudden switch to working from home during the lockdown has created a security risk for many businesses. Now a new service from bluedog Security Monitoring offers a fast and cost-effective solution.

The Microsoft Office 365 monitoring service allows companies to monitor remote devices and identify unusual activity such as suspicious logins, downloads or phishing emails.

The service, which can be activated remotely, is the only one of its type that is backed by a live cybersecurity team. It compares the company’s network data with the Office 365 activity and automatically notifies the team of any abnormal behaviour so they can investigate and act upon it.

Paul Lomax, bluedog’s CEO, said: “Employees using their own devices at work has always been a risk for businesses, but using their own devices off the premises is an even bigger problem.  The Office 365 monitoring service effectively brings them into the network.

“It will spot users logging in from unusual locations and other problems that would be missed by anti-virus solutions and firewalls. It can detect where cloud-based systems have been breached and spot attackers moving across the network, and it can tell you if files have been accessed and data has been stolen.

“Having a team of experts on hand 24/7 also makes a real difference as they can see the alerts, check the data and make an informed decision. It looks as if home working is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Companies now need to rethink their IT security and the Microsoft Office 365 monitoring offers a low-cost and convenient solution.”