Augmenting an Existing SOC with an Outsourced Remote "Follow-the-Sun" SOC


In today’s world, cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, making it essential for organizations to have robust security measures in place to protect their assets and data. One of the most critical components of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy is a security operations center (SOC).

A SOC is responsible for monitoring, detecting and responding to security incidents. However, maintaining an in-house SOC that provides round-the-clock coverage can be expensive and resource-intensive. That’s why many organizations are augmenting their in-house SOC by using an outsourced remote “follow the sun” SOC to provide 24/7 security coverage. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of this approach.

1. Cost-Effective

Maintaining an in-house SOC that provides 24/7 security coverage is expensive. It requires a significant investment in hardware, software, and human resources. Additionally, there are ongoing costs associated with training, maintenance, and upgrades.

Even if you have already your own SOC operating in office hours, the additional costs associated with providing 24/7 coverage are substantial.

By using an outsourced remote “follow the sun” SOC, you can reduce your costs significantly. Outsourcing eliminates the need for capital expenditure and reduces ongoing operating costs. With an outsourced SOC, you pay a fixed monthly fee for the services you need, without worrying about additional costs.

2. Access to Expertise

Outsourcing a “follow the sun” SOC provides you with access to a team of cybersecurity experts with specialized skills and knowledge. Bluedog has experience working with multiple clients across various industries, which means we have a broader perspective on the latest threats and can bring best practices to the table. Additionally, we invest in ongoing training and development of our staff to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest threats and technologies.

3. Scalability

One of the significant advantages of an outsourced remote “follow the sun” SOC is scalability. You can scale up or down your cybersecurity resources quickly and efficiently to meet your changing needs. For example, if you are expanding into a new market, we can quickly add new resources to the SOC to provide coverage in that region. Conversely, if you need to reduce your cybersecurity resources, you can scale back without having to worry about the cost and complexity of downsizing an in-house SOC.

4. Flexibility and Customization:

One significant advantage of a remote outsourced dedicated SOC is the flexibility it offers. Bluedog allows you to continue using your preferred monitoring platforms, you can maintain control over your existing tools, processes, and workflows. Unlike Managed SOC providers who dictate the platforms and tools you have to use.

This customization ensures a seamless integration of our SOC services into your existing infrastructure, resulting in minimal disruption to your operations. With the ability to tailor the solution to your specific needs, you can optimize your security operations and efficiently respond to evolving threats.

5. Enhanced Security

A Bluedog outsourced remote “follow the sun” SOC can provide you with enhanced security for your organization. With multiple SOCs operating in different time zones, you can ensure continuous monitoring and response to security incidents. Additionally, Bluedog can provide 24/7 threat intelligence and incident response services. We can quickly detect and respond to security incidents, reducing the impact of the incident on your organization.

6. Reduced Risk & Improved Compliance

An outsourced remote “follow the sun” SOC can help you reduce your security risk. Bluedog is responsible for ensuring that the services we provide comply with industry standards and regulations, not only reducing risk, but improving your compliance posture.


In conclusion, augmenting your in-house SOC by using an Bluedog outsourced remote “follow the sun” SOC to provide 24/7 security coverage can provide significant benefits to organizations. It is a cost-effective solution that provides access to expertise, scalability, enhanced security, and improved compliance. As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more complex, you need to ensure they have the right SOC in place to protect your assets and data.

To find out how a Bluedog outsourced dedicated SOC can fit into your Follow-the-Sun strategy contact us today.