Unleashing the Power of Remote Outsourced Dedicated SOC: Advantages for MSPs & MSSPs


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) play a crucial role in safeguarding their clients’ digital assets and ensuring their uninterrupted operations. To accomplish this, MSPs often rely on Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for round-the-clock monitoring and threat detection. While Managed SOC providers dictate the software to be used, opting for a remote outsourced dedicated SOC empowers MSPs & MSSPs to maintain control over their monitoring platforms, offering a range of advantages and benefits. In this blog post, we explore why MSPs & MSSPs should consider leveraging a remote outsourced Dedicated SOC solution for enhanced 24/7 coverage. For ease of reading, in the rest of this blog we will refer to MSPs and MSSPs as MSPs, but the information relates equally to both.

1. Flexibility and Customization:

One significant advantage of a remote outsourced dedicated SOC is the flexibility it offers to MSPs. By allowing MSPs to continue using their preferred monitoring platforms, they can maintain control over their existing tools, processes, and workflows. This customization ensures a seamless integration of SOC services into the MSP’s existing infrastructure, resulting in minimal disruption to their operations. With the ability to tailor the solution to their specific needs, MSPs can optimize their security operations and efficiently respond to evolving threats.

2. Cost-Effectiveness:

Choosing a remote outsourced dedicated SOC like those offered by Bluedog can prove cost-effective for MSPs. Unlike managed SOC providers, who often charge hefty premiums for their predefined software and solutions, an outsourced SOC allows MSPs to leverage their existing investments. By avoiding the need to replace or upgrade their monitoring platforms, MSPs can save on expensive software licensing fees and implementation costs. This cost-effective approach allows MSPs to allocate their budget towards other critical areas such as talent acquisition, training, or infrastructure enhancement.

3. Enhanced Control and Ownership:

Maintaining control over their monitoring platforms is a vital consideration for MSPs. With a remote outsourced dedicated SOC, MSPs can exercise full control and ownership over their security infrastructure. They can configure and customize their monitoring tools to align with their clients’ unique requirements. This level of control not only ensures the use of familiar interfaces but also enables MSPs to seamlessly integrate their existing security processes and workflows. By retaining ownership, MSPs can maintain a cohesive security strategy across their client base while avoiding the risks associated with sudden software or process changes enforced by managed SOC providers.

4. Scalability and Focus:

A Bluedog remote outsourced dedicated SOC solution offers MSPs the advantage of scalability. As MSPs grow and onboard new clients, they can easily scale their security operations without being limited by predefined software and solutions. The flexibility to adapt and integrate additional monitoring tools allows MSPs to meet evolving client demands efficiently. Moreover, by relying on a dedicated remote SOC team from Bluedog, MSPs can redirect their internal resources towards business expansion, strategic planning, and client relationship management, ensuring maximum focus on core competencies and growth.


Embracing a Bluedog remote outsourced dedicated SOC empowers MSPs with flexibility, cost-effectiveness, enhanced control, and scalability. By leveraging their existing monitoring platforms, MSPs can seamlessly integrate SOC services into their operations while maintaining ownership and control over their security infrastructure. This approach fosters customization, cost savings, and optimal resource allocation, enabling MSPs to deliver superior security services to their clients. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, MSPs must consider the advantages of a remote outsourced dedicated SOC to stay ahead in safeguarding their clients’ digital assets.

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