Partner Testimonials

Company Introduction

At Testronix, we specialize in Telecom and IT network testing and monitoring products and services. Our tagline describes who we are as “Instruments of Innovation”. Our expertise on world-renown test instruments provides utmost value to our customer’s business to higher level that guarantees best service they can provide to their end users.

What did you like about our MS365 Monitoring and Automated VAPT services?

What we like the most about Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring is that it responds constantly and immediately to issues or anomalies needed to be fixed. Plus, Bluedog gives us and our employees an assurance that we can keep our information safe while working remotely during this pandemic. Same with Automated VAPT services, we know that websites or networks can have their own weaknesses, we have seen that this service will be an advantage to us so we can work safely without worrying to any cyber-attacks that may occur.

What benefits you think these two services can bring?

One of the benefits we see from these services is the effective methods use to prevent cyber threats and attacks to organizations and networks. Plus, it’s low-cost service while having access to monitoring dashboards.

Why partner with bluedog?

The reason why we wanted to be your partner is because we have seen the great potential we can have together. We can be both instruments of innovation. We also value customer’s business to the next level, guaranteed with best and most effective services. We want to partner with someone who also want to help businesses build resources so they can protect their organizations and networks.

Company Introduction

Our mission

The cyber threat is here to stay. Every day another business experiences a breach or cyber-attack.

Something has to be done.

In a nutshell…

We’re on a mission to help every SME in the UK become cyber secure through our simple 3-step process, starting with Cyber Essentials certification and building on this with complementary ongoing cyber services such as Compliance and SOC & SIEM.

As one of the nation’s leading Certification Bodies with over 30 year’s experience in the industry, Cyber Tec Security are ready to guide you; we’ll take care of your cyber security, so you get back to business.

What did you like about our MS 365 Monitoring and Automated VAPT services?

The services available via our partner Bluedog not only complement our existing offerings, but also deliver a fantastic solution to both SME and Larger clients for an extremely affordable price. This allows us to achieve our aim of helping SMEs improve their security as we can provide a solution which is cost effective, doesn’t “break the bank” and delivers both external vulnerability analysis for IP addresses used in the business, website assessments and of course, the main protection for clients now working remotely, protection of the Microsoft Office 365 estate.

What benefits you think these two services can bring?

The key benefit we see of both these solutions is the ability to deliver enterprise class security within an SME budget and provide insight into the risks an organisation may have but not realise and allow internal IT teams (or the Bluedog SOC Teams) to remediate those issues and deliver effective cyber security compliance to the standards that Cyber Tec Security focus on delivering throughout the UK.

Why partner with bluedog?

As stated earlier, Cyber Tec Security aims to improve the security of SME’s throughout the UK and therefore look to provide not only certifications to those SME’s but also complimentary products that by nature are affordable and effective in raising the bar for cyber security in businesses but also, are easy to use yet extremely powerful.

As an IT distributor, we know the cybersecurity needs of the market. Companies need an in-depth detail of their technical weaknesses inside their network and web applications to prevent from such incidents to happen. Even SMBs are now being targeted by these attackers. However, even with the numerous solutions being offered, there are still a lot of companies that are not fully equipped for cybersecurity because of its hefty prices.

Using Bluedog VAPT, companies are now able to identify which part of their infrastructure needs to be updated and can check how their system hardening procedures are working. Their non-invasive process will ensure that your operations will continue without any downtime and without affecting your network and website. Their reports show you the deficiencies and vulnerabilities of your company’s network, so you can strengthen your cybersecurity posture and be compliant all the time. Having the growth of your company’s security is definitely a good return of investment for this affordable solution.

With Bluedog’s solution and expertise, we can now help more companies be protected and prepared against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape at an affordable price. 


Arvin Kim Bohol,

Technical Engineer of Information Technology Security Distribution Inc.

Knibbs Computer Services have been a successful managed services provider since 1998, supporting a wide range of customers across the southeast of the United Kingdom. 

We recognised a while ago that we needed to step up our game on security for our customers and have steadily been adding security offerings to keep our clients safe. Part of keeping our clients safe is monitoring their online activity, their network perimeter, and the corporate local network. 

So, we went looking for a set of solutions that would enable us to do this properly.  

We researched a number of solutions with lab trials and live customer deployments but were not really happy with the products. We’re really picky about the solutions we put in our customers environments – it’s got to work really well and be good value for money. 

We were introduced to Bluedog by their UK distributor, Brigantia. I have to say the solutions have been a breath of fresh air. 

The Microsoft 365 monitoring is simple and yet very powerful and gives us constantly updated view of what’s going on in the customer tenant, allowing us to drill down to precise issues when we need to. 

The automated vulnerability and pen testing solution is also excellent – allowing us to see if there are any issues on the customers perimeter or web apps that need addressing. 

We also make use of the managed detection and response solution from Bluedog so we can see if there are any vulnerabilities or potential issue in the internal network devices. 

Of course, these services are all backed up by the excellent team at Bluedog who have been very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable – really good reasons to pick a security partner! 

I can see a long and successful partnership with Bluedog in our future.


Tim Knibbs

Managing Director