Microsoft 365 Monitoring

#1 365 & Secure Score Cards

This episode walks you through the SOC Monitor cards which are present. It is the main Microsoft 365 card and the Microsoft #SecureScore card.

#2 Detailed Dashboard Overview

The detailed dashboard is due in part 2 of this course.

#3 Main Detailed Dashboard

In this episode, we are discussing the main tab of the detailed dashboard

#4 Sharepoint Detailed Dashboard

Episode 4 handles Microsoft #sharepoint monitoring, and how to see what users are doing.

#5 Exchange Detailed Dashboard

In part 5, we discuss how to track #exchange activities, how you can see what attackers did in your tenant and how to monitor on created email rules.

#6 Search Query Detailed Dashboard

This episode handles searching, the bluedog query language (based on #lucene)

#7 RBAC Review - Detailed Dashboard

In this episode, we demonstrate how you can use the bluedog monitoring solutions to perform an #RBAC review on your Azure tenant.