Outsourced Dedicated SOC vs Managed SOC: Navigating Your Cybersecurity Options

In the digital age, cybersecurity threats are ever evolving, requiring businesses to be proactive in their defence strategies. As such, Security Operations Centres (SOCs) have become critical component of an organization’s cybersecurity framework. SOCs provide real-time monitoring and analysis of data activity on networks, servers, databases, and other systems to identify risks and prevent security incidents. In today’s discussion, we’ll be comparing two types of SOCs – outsourced dedicated SOCs and managed SOCs, illuminating their differences, and highlighting why an outsourced dedicated SOC may be the best fit for your organization.

Understanding the Basics: Outsourced Dedicated SOC and Managed SOC

An outsourced dedicated SOC is a team of cybersecurity professionals exclusively servicing one organization. These experts are employed by a third-party vendor like Bluedog but work solely on the organization’s cybersecurity needs.

On the other hand, a managed SOC is a shared resource provided by a third-party vendor, where the same team of cybersecurity professionals service multiple organizations.

Comparing the Two: Key Differences

1. Customization

An outsourced dedicated SOC offers more customization options compared to a managed SOC. The team can adapt its systems, technologies, and processes to the unique needs of the organization. A dedicated SOC provider doesn’t dictate to the client what software and security platforms they have to use; they will give advice based on experience. On the other hand, in a managed SOC, security services are typically standardized across the vendor’s client base, therefore the managed SOC provider will generally force the client organisation to migrate to the security platform that the managed SOC provider uses.

A dedicated SOC provider such as Bluedog will also work to the rules and working practises of the client organisation. For example, the dedicated SOC provider isn’t the one to set SLAs, these are created by the client. Whereas a client organisation has to accept the SLAs of a managed SOC provider.

2. Focus and Attention

With an outsourced SOC, the organisation gets the undivided attention of the security team. This enables faster response times and more proactive threat hunting. In contrast, a managed SOC has to divide its attention among all its clients, potentially leading to slower response times during a security incident.

3. Data Privacy

With a Dedicated SOC, the risk of data leakage is minimized since the team is only working with one organisation’s data. In contrast, a managed SOC may pose a higher risk of data leakage since the same team is handling multiple organisation’s data.

Advantages of an Outsourced Dedicated SOC

Enhanced Security

With a team focused solely on your organisation, an outsourced dedicated SOC can provide enhanced security. The team can develop a deep understanding of your organisation’s environment, allowing for better detection and prevention of threats. The dedicated SOC provider should also provide a Security Architect who gains an understanding of the organisation and will give impartial advice to enable the client organisation improve their overall security maturity.

Customized Solution

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of a Managed SOC, an outsourced dedicated SOC provides a customized solution tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. At Bluedog we also provide a highly experienced Security Architect, who keeps up to date with latest techniques and tools, and who will regularly advise the client organisation on their security posture. This allows for a more efficient response to threats and a more effective overall security strategy.


While some outsourced dedicated SOC solutions may at first glanse seem more expensive than a managed solution, it will save money in the long run. Dedicated SOC providers like Bluedog often only charge per analyst, quoting an all-inclusive fee per member of the team, so it’s easier for the organisation to predict future costs. By preventing security incidents and minimizing the impact of those that do occur, a dedicated SOC reduces the overall cost of cybersecurity. 

Moreover, because Bluedog’s technical centres are based in regions of the world with a much lower cost base, and because Bluedog don’t charge any set up fees, a Bluedog Dedicated SOC will often be a much lower cost than a managed SOC solution in either Europe or the USA.

Streamlined Communication

With a dedicated team, communication is more streamlined. The organisation can have a single point of contact and can easily collaborate with the team to improve security processes and response strategies.


In conclusion, while both outsourced dedicated SOCs and managed SOCs have their place in the cybersecurity landscape, an outsourced dedicated SOC may offer more advantages for organisations looking for a customized, focused, and secure solution. It is a significant investment, but one that could pay dividends in the form of enhanced security and potentially significant cost savings. An organisation should carefully consider its unique needs, and risk tolerance when deciding between these two options.

If you are looking to improve your security posture and maturity talk to Bluedog about the range of cybersecurity services we can provide, including a fully customisable Outsourced Dedicated SOC.