Managed Detection and Response

#1 Core Concept

This is the introduction video to the #bluedog #mdr solution, where we provide enterprise grade security solutions for small and medium businesses!

#2 MDR Card & Dashboard

This second video of the #bluedog #MDR introduction handles the MDR card and detailed dashboard

#3 Rogue Device Detection

In this third video, we discuss the rogue device detection module.

#4 Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is up next in the 4th video of the MDR introduction by bluedog.

#5 Incident Management Monitor

As part of the MDR Compliance package, you have access to the incident management monitor.

#6 Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is video number 6 in the MDR introduction.

#7 Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance is essential when you have a business. This video demonstrates how #bluedog helps with your #grc #security controls.