Read our insightful whitepapers to learn more about cyber security and our range of solutions that help protect businesses of all sizes from cyber attacks.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning - Your Powerful Weapon against Cyber Crime

This whitepaper is a comprehensive intro to automated vulnerability scanning. You will find out what this solution entails, what are its benefits and its shortcomings, as well as how to leverage it to the fullest.

The Power of Managed Detection and Response

This whitepaper is designed to be a starting guide for businesses that are cyber-security-conscious and to offer them the tools to shelter their data and their systems from attacks.

Cloud Security Weaknesses

This whitepaper analyzes the current state of cloud security and the top weaknesses in this field so that corporate data owners know what to look for when choosing a cloud provider.

Skills Shortages in Cyber Security

This whitepaper will answer all the questions above and offer an inside perspective and most importantly a solution as to how SMEs can cope with a situation that most likely won’t be sorted out anytime soon.

The Importance of Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

This whitepaper will discuss the importance of prevention as the best way to mitigate cyber threats.