Penetration Testing for all types of business

Cybercrime is on the rise and now the biggest criminal industry globally. Now it’s not just enterprise-level organizations that are being targeted but also SMBs as cybercriminals discover that they lack the resources to protect themselves, destroying years of effort building their reputation, credibility, and customer trust. This is why Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) must be done by every organization.

With bluedog’s ISO27001 certified VAPT Service, organizations of all sizes now have the power to either have an affordable recurring automated VAPT or an intensive one-time manual VAPT service. 

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is a wide series of checks and tests carried out by highly skilled professionals backed by automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to test your public facing network interfaces and website to find any vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber criminal to gain entry to your network or the working of your website.

We offer both automated VAPT scanning and a manual Penetration Testing service.

Key Features of Bluedog’s VAPT Services

bluedog’s Automated VAPT

Automated VAPT is a low cost way to keep your eye on the state of your network and website either on a regular monthly basis or maybe a one-off snapshot.

The process is non-invasive and will not cause any downtime or harm to your network or website.

A regular VAPT scan will show you how your security is improving over time, the reports we generate highlight deficiencies and vulnerabilities to enable you to strengthen your defenses.

bluedog’s Manual Penetration Testing

While Automated VAPT is an amazing way to fill in your compliance gaps and provides detailed insight on an ongoing basis. We cannot change the fact that cybercriminals are people who know how to adapt, which is why bluedog also offers a Manual Penetration Testing Service.

The bluedog team has more than 20 years’ experience in ethical hacking and have conducted manual pentests to almost all verticals in over 30 countries. Our team of experts is capable of identifying and exploiting different vulnerabilities of any verticals.

To provide clarity on the difference between automated and manual VAPT services, we have made the comparison below.

  Automated VAPT Manual VAPT
Issue Scope    
Exploitation Type Direct Exploitation Combining issues
Existing Exploits
Create new exploits  
Business logic exploits  
Authentication bypasses partial
Authorization bypasses partial
Lateral Movement  
Reporting Automated Report Custom Report
Management Summary
Proof of Concept
Retest Capability In full only Custom testing possible

Subscription Plans

Name Essential VAPT Pro VAPT One-Off VAPT Manual VAPT
Type Automated VAPT Automated VAPT Automated VAPT Manual VAPT (with VPN Connection)
Frequecy Monthly Scan Monthly Scan One-Off Scan One-off Penetration Test
Features Includes all key features Includes all key features Includes all key features Includes all key features, fully customisable
Scope Scans up to 4 IPs and 1 website Scans up to 16 IPs and 1 website Scans up to 16 IPs and 1 website Custom IP ranges
  Low monthly subscription Low monthly subscription One-Off Fee Daily Rate