The Bluedog manifesto

Security is no longer a matter of technology alone, it requires the expertise and collaboration of people. The reality is good technology is the combination of both people and process.

When security consultancy companies are asked to perform an assessment, the scope is almost always a fixed technical application. When looking at the surroundings, a broad variety of problems can be identified that are non-existent within the scope of the original assessment. The technical application is secure, but the company’s crown jewels are ripe for the picking.

At bluedog we believe that security starts with people and that both security and crisis management are essential for success. Our hardware box is nothing more than our eyes and ears within your network. It is the combination of our team monitoring your network data, combined with our incident response process that will help you fight the bad guys. Ultimately this will help reduce down the time between incident discovery and resolution as much as possible, which is our primary goal.`

Cyber Security is not about technology, it is about the way people work.

In the past technology was easily fooled and breaches happened most often due to software bugs. Those days are in the past as the majority of software providers now have an extremely well protected product set. Getting in through a technical flaw has become a rare instance.

The vast array of network protection solutions out there to mitigate such threats tell us that that these attacks still happen. This can be seen every day just by reading the news. Data breaches occur again and again. But why do they still happen? Mainly because of a lack of the right processes and controls. When people and process don’t work hand in hand, technology fails. Issues appear in application code that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Internet facing services can be misconfigured and remain unpatched due to a missing or non-controlled patch policy.

When hackers are requested for help, they look at the result: the technology stack. They use this baseline to create a snapshot state. This doesn’t look at the people involved, or processes used to get to this point. Fixing problems at the end is notoriously hard and expensive.

It is only through the collaboration of systems and support that it will become possible to fight cyber attackers and effectively protect our crown jewels, our business.

At bluedog we believe that security is about people not technology, always.

Security Monitoring: reducing the mean time to discover incidents

It is inevitable that an attack will hit, the question is when and where. Any promises made around 100% cyber free guarantees are far from the truth. Cyber insurance is of value, but the small print and costs involved often don’t stack up against the potential problems faced.

The goal of a SOC (Security Operations Centre) should be to detect trouble at the very start. The ability to spot that very first incoming packet and flag it as malicious. Only when this is done, can the bad guys be followed and stopped dead in their tracks.

We call the time that it takes to find the bad guys “the mean time to discover an incident”. This magic number must be as close to zero as possible. This is a measurable performance indicator and a metric we report against. We are constantly improving and evolving in order to combat the new exploitation techniques and technology released into the wild every day.

At bluedog we firmly believe that we cannot afford to sit idle. Attackers don’t, so neither do we.

Incident & Crisis Management from a SOC-CERT perspective

Once an attack is present, it is all about how the incident is handled. Rather than standing on the side-lines, we will stand by your side and actively fight against your attackers until we defeat them, together.

Crisis Management and Incident Response are dedicated causes for us that require full-stack knowledge and the confidence to go with it. Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a war room for the first time, feeling the management level stress circulating around the room and later, being alone in that same room once the threat is contained and eradicated from the network.

This surge of adrenaline is what makes us thrive. We help you protect your valuable businesses assets from those trying to take them, no matter what.

At bluedog we believe that you deserve to be able to sleep well at night, knowing that your crown jewels are being watched 24/7.

bluedog’s final bark

The world has changed over the last few decades, with dramatic technological changes and advances.

At bluedog, we put our people first and technology second. By doing that, we can deliver our promise to protect our client’s most valuable possessions, their business. We stand side by side, fighting the same enemy until we have become victorious.

What drives us? Passion.