Why Protecting
Office 365
Azure Directory
with Bluedog is a
Great Idea!

If you are using Microsoft® Office 365 within your organization and are looking to secure your environment, then look no further. Bluedog can take in all Microsoft® Office 365 events, as well as the Azure Security Center with a few clicks. Employees are not always in the office, but are working elsewhere. There might be suspicious account login attempts from outside the office, data exfiltration from SharePoint or phishing emails arrive in your employee’s email.

The Value of Microsoft® Office 365 Monitoring

  • Security is about people, not technology
  • Protect employees that are working from home
  • Detect attacks outside the company
It is very difficult to monitor devices which aren’t on the company premises, right? With our Microsoft® Office 365 and Azure Active Directory monitoring, these devices are also included! No more missing out on devices outside the network!

More data means more knowledge, which is what it’s all about. When bluedog sees your internal network data as well as the Microsoft® Office 365 usage, the data scientists inside the bluedog SOC correlate user behavior to identify abnormal behavior. This is the kind of information that truly identifies attackers are inside an organization.

When a cloud account is breached, anti-virus solutions or internal solutions like firewalls won’t be triggered. The bluedog SOC will spot the attacker as they navigate their way across the network. An unusual login location or lateral movement across the network to find and exfiltrate files is what stands out.

Having your Active Directory in the cloud has many benefits, but attackers can also abuse this ease of access. User credentials are being leaked and stolen every day, with attackers abusing these stolen credentials and trying to log into your organization remotely.

With bluedog Microsoft® Office 365 monitoring, these login attempts or actual break-ins are being detected and immediately acted on. No more data exfiltration breaches through your Microsoft® Office 365 or Azure Active Directory (AD) Environments.

There are always employees on the road with a company laptop which isn’t being monitored traditionally. With the bluedog Microsoft® Office 365 and Azure Active Directory monitoring, these devices are now fully covered!

bluedog Microsoft® Office 365 Monitoring